Surveillance Technology

Enable You in Securing and Tracking Property

ENNOVA is committed in delivering and developing latest and advanced surveillance systems and devices to help you securing your assets, property and even in maintaining peace.

Our surveillance devices can help you view and record even in difficult and challenging circumstances such as in a very dark and remote night. The video at your right is recorded under as much as 5% light at night near a country border.

ENNOVA Surveillance Devices

We developed 5 devices and 1 total solution to help you in doing surveillance for your property.

Intelligent Hand-held Laser Night Vision Device

Model: JG-HZZWPA500JF-4G-PTZ-70

JG-HZZ70 helps you in viewing and conduct surveillance under a long-distance concealed environment and even can penetrate automotive glass film at both daytime and night.

Multi-spectrum Long-distance Laser Night Vision Device

Model: JG-HDRCWPA500JF-315

JG-HDR50 helps you in viewing and conduct surveillance from different and multiple view points with a visible, near-infrared image detection along with long focal length and large diameter lens. The local focal length, large diameter and laser aided illumination system equipped this device to achieve almost perfect integration to present you a clearn image in dust, smog, rain and snow environment.

Infrared Double-Spectrum Hand-held Night Vision Device

Model: JG-HDRCWPA35JF-100

JG-HDR100 is specially made to be a hand-held device like a binocular. It will help you as a camera to detect visible light and infrared heat where you can switch with a click button. This device is equipped with video acquisition, monitor, video recorder and battery. It gives you a good background contrast with a clear image despite shooting the pictures at night and at long distance.

This device also does not use bright light source – it utilize passive light so you will not be exposed by the target. In daytime, it can monitor visible light at distance within 2000 meter. It can also be held by hand or mounted on vehicle or tripod.

Day & Night Long-Distance Surveillance Forensics Device

Model: JG-HXFWPA1500JF-135

JG-HXF135 is a forensics device to fulfill long distance surveillance. It was especially made to transmit its data via wireless or microwave. It is equipped with battery, separate wireless video monitor and terminal operation. This device utilizes advanced active infrared lighting technology with a military-class semiconductor laser technology as its auxiliary light source.

The image produced by this device will be clear even though from a long distance and in a dark environment. Its semiconductor laser helps it to source light up to 3 km in daytime while 1.5 km at night.

The Multispectral Photoelectric Turntable

This multispectral photoelectric turntable helps you inspect in day and night time with distance up to 20 km and 8 km respectively, even on the sea. It is equipped to capture images with 1920 x 1080 resolution with optical zoom ability up to 34 times. It is also equipped with laser as well thermal detection.

  • Camera sensor: 1/1.8″Exmor CMOS
  • Lens focal: 22.2~755mm
  • Lens control: Electric
  • Thermal response wavelength: 8 ~ 14μm
  • Thermal focal: 100 mm
  • Laser power: 20W
  • Laser wavelength: 810nm±10nm

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Long Distance Surveillance Solution

For a total solution for your surveillance system, this is a must. It is equipped with:

  • Its own energy supply (wind, battery and solar)
  • Video central management to manage all the surveillance videos in one place
  • Database application module
  • Central storage modul to store all your data
  • Talkbalk management module where the center can send voice talkback
  • Warning management module
  • Digital TV wall management to help you see all the videos in real time on the TVs

Other than that, this solution can help you with web management e.g. for your GIS digital map integration as well as to access Internet. This solution also has client management module where its front end can be accessed by clients to check electronic maps, monitoring real-time video and video playback and so much more. 

Get surveillance to enhance security

Assets and property are valuable in sustaining business. Theft and robbery go unchased with no proof or unclear evidence. Secure your property, protect your territory or even enhance your armed force with surveillance technology now.