Drone Services

UAV Platform

The UAV flying platform designed for professional aerial photography and industrial applications. It is built to closely integrate with a host of powerful technologies, including the intelligent flight controller, Lightbridge transmission system, Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system, for maximum performance and quick setup.

Various UAV platforms are available depending on applications. Multirotor type is suitable for short distance & small scale area application. Fixed Wing type of platform is applicable for long range & large area application.



Manage your business assets 

In ENNOVA, we use RAISE Methodology – Reality Asset e-Information System to enable a complete coverage for your asset life cycle from the planning up until decommission.

Our RÄISE Solution will provide asset owners of the Enterprise and Corporations opportunity to manage their assets in real time and with complete views. The experience will be fully integrated, analytical, ‘End-to-End of the Asset Management Lifecycle’, direct to the fingertips, fully presentable on any media, anywhere, anytime.




How We Manage Facilities for Your Business

There are three inspection types that we use: thermal inspection, aerial inspection and industrial inspection.

Thermal inspection

Like the owl eyes, our services will give a new perspective, making aerial inspections easier, seeing the unseen, surveillance and intelligent gathering more efficient than ever. This inspection detects heat from your assets, for example, your agricultural estates, and maps the RGB differences to show you the heat difference among the crops. 


Aerial inspection

We are capable of conducting close visual of high-value industrial assets both on- and offshore. From high above, we utilize our technology to capture high quality, HD 3D pictures where you can zoom in and out, and turned around in a second. This inspection is like the hawk eyes – inspection from up above. 


Industrial Inspection

This is the most effective solution to capture detail aerial imagery for industrial inspection for asset assessment. It utilizes the safest method, where you do not need a helicopter to check your telco towers even at the hillsides and this inspection helps you to avoid a costly shutdown, scaffolding and risk of work on the site.



Our Tools

Enable Technology with the Right Tools

We entrusted Zenmuse Z30 as the drone camera to inspect your business facilities and assets for the best result.

The Zenmuse Z30 is one of the powerful integrated aerial zoom cameras on the market with 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom for a total magnification up to 180x. Design for inspecting power lines, cell towers or flare tips towers, it enables you to get a detailed look at structures, wires, modules and components to detect damage.

With the Zenmuse Z30’s incredible zoom capabilities you can avoid any potential electromagnetic or RF interference associated with utilities and communications infrastructure.