We assemble trainers who are on the field, to share not only the theories but the real insights of what happened when you’re on the field later.

In this age of fast-pacing industries, your skills must keep on upgrading, or else, soon you can be easily replaced, maybe by automation or robots. Like what we have done in the past 10 years, we believe in investing in human capital – and the best way to do that is by education and training. We want to make sure you can offer the best and stay relevant in the industry.

Under ENNOVA Academy, there are three certifications currently offered and eight upcoming diploma certifications. We currently offer in-house training for TM and NIOSH certification for our NDTS trainee to prepare them to work as TM contractor and ENNOVA certification which encompasses Facility Management, IoT and Drone Technology.

Agile Course System

We try to offer classes for both SPM leavers as well as the working adults, hence this results in an agile course system where there are options to study while you’re still can work. 

Industry connected

The theory and practices learnt in the class will help you get connected to some of the industries we have partnered with.

On-the-ground trainers

We make sure you can learn the most so you can give the best service later after you get certified. Hence, that is why we make sure your trainers are also on-the-ground experts you can rely on.

ENNOVA Academy cannot be where we are today without our academy partners. We ensure our trainees always get the on-the-ground insights and industry connection through our trainings.

Since 2015, Ennova Sdn Bhd ventures into the training industry and formed Ennova Academy to manage the education and training activities. Thus in the same year, we become HRDF approved training provider and SLDN Centre (Department of Skills Developments, Ministry of Human Resources). We focused on providing training in the field of telecommunication, software solution & technology.

HRDF Certified

We make sure our training and courses are certified to ensure the confidence and reliability of our training and trainers. Our courses have been certified by HRDF Malaysia since 2015.

Our Courses

Enable Technology with the Right Knowledge

Check out our courses and certification programs here: in telco, asset management and fibre network industry. We envisioned to offer more courses, diplomas and undergraduate studies.

01. NDTS Certification

This course consists of 30% theoretical class & 70% on-job training for average 16 months. With NDTS certification, you are qualified to pursue the National Skill Diploma much shorter.

02. TM Certification

For a maximum 3-days course, you will be exposed to these four components under TM Certification training which includes: Training Need Analysis, Theory and Practical in Classroom (On-job training), Job Assessment at TMTC and Training Assessment.

03. Drone Certification

Our newest course to help you adapt to the new emerging market in the world – drone. Learn how to fly drones and the softwares to help you be Malaysia’s earliest drone flyers.