About Us


To be the leading engineering company that provides telecommunication infrastructures, cabling infrastructure system, facility management services and training in delivering value through innovation and operational excellence in the markets that we choose.
Who We Are?

Enabling Technology for You

Like Tesla, we believe, a great technology might not be fully appreciated and worked for by the people around in his due time. We believe that society can have better technology around today because someone worked on that technology a long time ago.

Ennova Sdn Bhd — 100% Bumiputera owned, was established on 24 May 2011 as an IT Engineering-based company. Ennova has earned its reputation through our utmost commitment to our customers, our state-of-the-art technology and the world-class operational excellence that we have put in place throughout the years.

We designed every process, procedure and solution with the customer in our mind to ensure customers’ desires are met – at all levels and at all locations. These approaches have ensured the success of the Ennova brand, which is now trusted by customers throughout Malaysia.


As far and fast as we can, we try to keep up with current technology to accomplish tasks and deliver our services easier and faster.

Operational Excellence

We operate with the best tools for the best service delivery.