The future of work is anticipated to be disrupted and that includes engineering industry. Works done by machine soon can easily be replaced by automation and robots. We in ENNOVA believe that we should be ready for the Industrial Revolution impact.

Cutting Edge Technology

We are going for the edge. For years, we have ventured into new areas and innovate from within.

Vast Portfolio in Various Field

Starting from telco and fibre service industry, we have ever since expanded into more industries such as renewable energy, asset management, fleet and Internet of Things.

Focus on human capital

We are not who we are today without the training we provided. We always believe the cutting edge technology must be developed alongside the development of the human capital.

Experienced Team and Partners

Uses our more than 10 years experience in telco and engineering services to boost your business.

Manage your business assets with the latest technology today

Asset management can be so easy today when you utilize latest technology. You can use our drones to monitor your on-site staffs and the high towers around, all in HD and 3D quality. Track irrigation or your fertilizers supply on your agricultural assets and keep the data for better cost management.

Build the most reliable telecommunication infrastructure

85.7% Malaysians use Internet today, based on the national Individual and Household Survey Report. Make sure you can offer the best and reliable telecommunication services to your customers at all time.

Train the best pool of tech expertise with ENNOVA Academy

Upgrade your skills to stay relevant and ahead in the industry. We assemble trainers who are on the field, to share not only the theories but the real insights of what happened when you’re on the field later. Check out NDTS certification, TM Contractor certification, drone management courses and few others.

Best Internet speed with fiber to home

Fiber to home is our earliest technology when we started. Until today, our network fibre will help you stabilize and boost the network for your business use. Install and use of our optical fiber today to provide you a high-speed Internet access to today’s demanding business needs.

Automate your business with IoT

Like Alibaba, they have started using machines for automation. IoT help you automate redundant tasks and menial works – replace them with machines who never feel tired in the production line. We are currently developing our surveillane program, smart factory to test in Sudan, smart kiosk and few others. It is still new technology, use them now and move far ahead in your market.

Venture into Renewable Energy

We are working to build more solar energy panels that utilize the latest inverter technology. We provided our partner reduction of high electricity bills. Utilizing latest inverter technology with 5-star energy efficiency, we have installed to 90 remote towers in Malaysia.

ENNOVA SKM Certification

NDTS Telecommunication full-time training

Open to all SPM leavers and working employees, this training course allows you to obtain certification from Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (NDTS). This course consists of 30% theoretical class & 70% on-job training for average 16 months.

ENNOVA TM Certification

Become a certified TM network installers

Upskill your service and build a career with TM, the largest telecommunication and network provider in Malaysia. With TM certification, you can be a professional TM contractor where you can be part of the team, serving TM’s 2.3 billion users across Malaysia.

ENNOVA Drone Course

Get certification to fly a drone and work as a drone contractor

Our newest course to help you adapt to the new emerging market in the world – drone. Learn how to fly drones and the softwares to help you be Malaysia’s earliest drone flyers. It will take no time where industries such as agriculture, telco, railway and many more to utilize drone. Get certified now.

Leading Engineering with You

Ennova offers comprehensive Infrastructure solutions for Fibre to the Home installation,  Telecommunication Infrastructure, Structured Cabling System, and Facility Management Services,  with a wide portfolio of focused products and solutions along with our expertise and experience to  address complex business challenges faced by our valued clients and customers.

Our solutions  address the specific needs of each organization with key focus on reducing costs and risks while  improving speed, efficiency, security, and customization to cater for specific customer requirements.